Databolt was incorporated by a group of young enthusiast professional who aimed at providing solution to transform manual industrial process into digital system and application.

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  • Precision in performance: Redefining Asset Management for Modern Success

    Efficiently track and manage assets with precision: our system ensures provide seamless control and streamlined all fleet, warehouse and manpower operations for optimal performance.
  • Smart Solutions, Smarter Fleets: Introducing Our Advanced Fleet Management System

    Optimize logistics process with our Advanced Fleet Management System: precise tracking, predictive analytics, and reorganized operations for top efficiency.
  • Warehouse Mastery: Powering Operations with Smart Management

    Elevate warehouse operations with our Smart Management System: real-time tracking, automated workflows, and precision for seamless efficiency.
  • Maximize Talent Potential: Unleash Efficiency with Our Manpower Management System

    Maximize talent management with our Smart System: efficient scheduling, advanced control, and improve visibility for ideal workforce productivity.
Our Product

All in one HR Software You Ever Need!

We simplify HR process like payroll, attendance, leave and claim in one platform and eliminate all paperwork hassles.

Transforming Ideas Into Innovative Solutions


We are one-stop centre for all of your needs. As we define your journey from Technologies to Solutions, you will see your ideas materialise into tangible success. At Databolt, we believe in empowering both developers and businesses.


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Providing game-changing technology solutions to help your business become smarter.

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